If you weren't one of the "cool kids" in school this should make you smile just a little.

Think back to your high school days, I'm sure at the time you thought all those cool kids were probably gonna be set for life. They'd graduate on the honor roll, end up attending some Ivy League School, marry a prom queen or king, make a bazillion dollars, move into a ginormous mansion, have more cool kids and live happily ever after, right?

As it turns out, that might not be the case.

A study at the University of Virginia has found that cool kids in high school end up having worse lives than everyone else.

Researchers spent the past decade monitoring 84 different kids, they started when the kids were 13 and checked in with them until they were 23.

What they found is the coolest kids in school were more likely to grow up to have bad adult relationships, commit more crimes and develop drug problems.

The theory is that the so called "cool kids" start doing more risky adult things when they're younger, like hooking up a lot and drinking more than they should. Over time, they have to keep pushing those things further to stay cool. Consequently, it drives them down the wrong path in life. That's a damn shame.

Source: CNN