Since the former Bracco location at The Bridges at 57th Street and Western Avenue closed its doors are you one of the people like me trying to figure out what restaurant patio you will be hanging out on this spring and summer?  You will be happy to hear this news. A new company has agreed to purchase the old Bracco World Cafe location.

KDLT News is reporting that Vanguard Hospitality, the owners of Minervas, Grille 26, and Morrie’s Steakhouse just announced last week they have purchased the former Bracco building. KDLT says they plan to rebrand the establishment that closed up shop at the end of 2017.

Vanguard Hospitality is planning a new concept for the restaurant and plans to share their vision soon according to Vanguard CFO Michael Gjernes.

Look for the new restaurant to open sometime during the spring of 2018. Just in time for patio season. Looks like we dodged that bullet!

Source: KDLT TV

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