Facebook has been the greatest social networking tool of our time.  It has been used for a lot of good things.  Unfortunately, some have used it to do bad things.

According to Sun News, the latest incident is a grandfather in India who kidnapped his grandchild and sold the baby to two hospital staff members who paid 45,000 rupees. ($850 U.S.)

The hospital then sold the baby on Facebook to a businessman from New Delhi for 800,000 rupees. ($15,000 U.S.)

Police say the grandfather took the baby while his daughter was sleeping and told his daughter the baby had died.   She went to the police after becoming suspicious of her father's new found wealth.

Police said the grandfather wanted to get rid of the baby from his daughter's estranged husband so he could arrange a second marriage for her.

The grandfather and two hospital staff members were arrested.  Police are still searching for the businessman.

The baby was returned safely to the mother.