It sounds like South Dakota's love affair with the decade of decadence is diminishing.

There's a website that recently used Facebook data to determine which states love the 1980's the most, by gauging the people's interest in various 80's cultural icons such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ronald Reagan, TV shows like "Dallas" and movies like "The Breakfast Club."

It turns out South Dakota is one of the states in the nation that cares the least about the 80's. Hawaii leads the way, followed by Utah, Alaska, Montana, and then South Dakota.

Wow! If all this is really true, don't count on seeing many people roaming the the streets of South Dakota wearing their Jordache jeans, sporting their fanny packs, with Van Halen's "1984" album blaring out of their cassette boom boxes!

If you happen to be hooked on the 80's, perhaps you should consider relocating to the state of Kentucky. Supposedly Kentucky is U.S. state that loves the 1980's the most. Followed by Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa.

It's all starting to make sense now. That explains why you see so many DeLorean's driving around Sioux Falls with Iowa plates on them.