I remember getting my first video store membership. It was a place called U.S. Video on Lake Street and Park Avenue in Minneapolis. Back then, you had to have a credit card on file with them in case you didn't return the video so they could charge your credit card to replace it! This was LONG before the bargain bins at Walmart were offering $5 BluRays. You couldn't even buy the videos in the stores. You HAD to rent them or buy them from a catalog for about $50. Really.

Then Netflix, Redbox, iPads, Kindles and more torpedoed the stores and they all went away in the blink of an eye, yet one somehow haunted a young woman and she ended up in jail over a bad Jennifer Lopez movie called "Monster in Law"!

A 27-year-old South Carolina woman spent the night in jail after police arrested her for failing to return the movie that she rented nine-years ago. Kayla Michelle Finley was charged for petty larceny and put behind bars after police noticed a warrant for her arrest because she never returned the movie "Monster-in-Law".

Dalton's Video, which originally sought legal action against the woman, has since closed.

One more thing: Be Kind. Rewind.