According to the internet, (and we all know the internet is never wrong) there's a good chance you've been washing your hair wrong for your entire life.

Supposedly there is a new hair washing trend that is sweeping the nation. The trend is using conditioner first, then shampoo second.

I know, it goes against everything your mother ever told you.

The theory is that the conditioner will soften and untangle your hair. Then you lightly shampoo your hair to wash away the heaviness of the conditioner and clean your hair without eliminating all of the moisture or taking away the shininess.

Be advised, this method might not work for all hair, however. A website called says it won't work if you have thicker or drier hair. If you have that type of hair, they recommend caring for it the old fashioned way, by shampooing then conditioning.

I wouldn't know, because I haven't had the need to purchase shampoo or conditioner since the early 90's. In my follically challenged condition, a little Lava up top does the trick these days.

But if you decide to give this a try, do me a favor and let me know how this works for ya. Since I'm forced to live vicariously through you when it comes to hair.