I haven't been to Chicago in years. My son-in-law is from Chicago and we've been talking about a trip to the Windy City to do some site seeing.

Now I am most definitely gonna have to plan a trip to Chicago, because one of my favorite entertainers on the face of the earth is opening a restaurant.

Actor, and all around cool guy, Bill Murray along with his brothers are opening Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant.

The restaurant will be themed after Bill Murray's iconic golf movie Caddyshack. The restaurant is on schedule to open inside the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel at 5440 N. River Road.

Eater Chicago says the menu will include Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beefs, prime rib, and a signature dish described as crispy golf ball-sized fried potatoes that are served loaded with horseradish sauce.

Eater Chicago quoted Bill Murray's brother, Andy Murray, “We’re not fine dining, But we’re consistently good.” I'm soooo going!

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