You know, it's really tough to try and be healthy these days!

I love to run! I jog between 3 and 5 miles each day, 6 days a week. It's how I distress, keep my sanity and as some people who know me would say, maintain my feminine figure.

If you too like to run, maybe you caught the article a few days ago on how long distance marathon running is extremely hard on your heart? Well today I've heard just about everything!

Now the experts claim that jogging outside can make you stupid! There is a new study out that actually reveals that jogging outside may actually mess up your brain.

Supposedly researchers have found that people who live in larger cities that exercise outdoors have higher levels of inflammation and lower scores on cognitive tests than those who jog in the suburbs.

All that air pollution goes straight to your brain, messes with your head and turns you into Brick Tamlin from the movie Anchorman.

It’s just another reason for the people who hate to run, to skip that jog somebody was trying to talk you into taking and continue to breathe that perfectly healthy air that surrounds you while you sit on the sofa watching TV eating a bag of Doritos’s.

Me, I'm going to lower my IQ and squeeze in a 5 mile jog in the smog!