It is getting down to the nitty-gritty on Dancing With the Stars and the celebs are getting put to the test!

This week they each had two full dances to learn in a week.

This week's theme was American Legends and the guest judge was Kenny Ortega. He worked with Michael Jackson, choreographed Dirty Dancing, and choreographed and directed the High School Musical movies. So the guy knows a thing or two about dancing, but I still found most of his comments lackluster. Give some real dance critiques!

Anyway, about the dances.

Maks and Meryl did a jive for their first round dance and it was pretty darn stinkin good! Maks is having a lot of temper tantrums in the rehearsal footage, but it is working, because he is putting together some great numbers this season.

My other favorite routine of the night was Amy and Derek. I feel like a super broken record because she's my favorite almost every week, but her jazz performance this week was so awesome. Mainly because Derek is a creative dance genius! He continually takes what would seem to be disadvantages and turns them into advantages! Plus, Oprah said she would take them out to dinner if they win so they have that going for them!

Too Darn Hot is right!

Then it got down to elimination time!

All three Olympians were in danger: Amy, Meryl, and Charlie. Aaaaaaand....Charlie was sent home! What?!?!  I know we are getting to the point where really good dancers are going to go home, but it still sucked.  He was really impressive on the dance floor.

Next week, sadly, I think Candace will be going home. She's partnered with my favorite, Mark Ballas, but I think it is their time.  Candace had a rough first dance and even though she brought it back in the second dance, I don't know if it will be enough.