Brunch and cocktails have taken on a whole new meaning at one bar and grill in Vancouver, Canada. They've created what amounts to a super-sized, highly caloric Bloody Mary with a buffet on top!

The Bloody Mary has the traditional ingredients, including tomato juice & vodka, but that is where the pedestrian cocktail parts ways with the "Checkmate Caesar". This monstrosity was created by the bar manager at Score on Davies Street Pub and takes 20 minutes to put together.

This $60 drink/feast is garnished, (thanks to skewers & ingenuity), with a roasted chicken, a burger, a pulled pork slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a mac & cheese hotdog and a brownie with whipped cream for something sweet. It clocks in at approximately 5,000 calories but the bar owner says this is really an appetizer that can be shared by several people.

This isn't the first super cocktail concoction the pub has come up with though, they've been serving "Caesars" with gigantic garnishes for over a year. Their best-seller has a huge grilled cheese sandwich and deep-fried pickle chips perched over it.

I'm not a big Bloody Mary fan, but this is one I would be willing to try!

For more info and to see a picture of this mighty creation click here.