Our little Puppy Percy is now 10 weeks old. He is at that puppy age when he likes to chew on everything. In an effort to save shoes and furniture, we sought out the perfect puppy toys for Percy. In this video you will see him with his favorite, a $2.99 ring with furry jingle balls. Keep in mind he has a basket filled with toys of all varieties. In our journey to spend excessive amounts of money on piles of trinkets that will never even be graced with dog spit we discovered these fun dog toys. They are real toys you can get for your real pet.

-Hotdog Love Doll for Dogs-This is for those times when your puppy is feeling frisky and grandma's leg is unavailable. It's just what it promises. An inflatable prom date for puppy.

-Bowlingual Voice-How often have you wished your dog could order for you at a fancy restaurant. Here ya go! This item helps Fido with a 2nd language. With the aid of this little device he'll be able to lick his privates it two languages.

-Humunga Stache Dog Toy-It's a ball on one side with an monster mustache attached to the other side. When your little pale has the ball in his mouth it looks like he has a big ‘Ol flowing stache. Guaranteed to help your little canine channel his inner '70's Porn Star!

-The "IBone"-This toy is a play on the "IPhone".  Of course this screams "Hey, I have no life so why should my dog".

 -Maui Flowers Dog Bikini-Puppy swim fashions just perfect for your little cross dresser.

Grrrona" Mexican Beer Dog Toy-The toy that looks just like a Corona Bottle.  This will help your little rascal on the road to his own 12 step program.

-The Doggy Fisher-It's a fishing pole with a dog bone at the end of the line. You can cast it out there and let your puppy run after it while you real it in. If you and little Bodean are going to drink like rednecks might just as well go all the way.

 -PetZen Dog Treadmill-For the drunky dog that isn’t playing enough Doggy Fisher.

Have you seen any of these?  Tell us what your dog thinks of them?  Are you gonna rush out and buy some of these!?