I heard what I assumed was some sort of "urban legend" years ago, about a huge spike in the number of vasectomy surgeries during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Well, apparently the sizable "rise" in the amount of vasectomies during this venerable tradition during the month of March is no fairy tale!

It was recently reported by CNN that the Cleveland Clinic's Department of Urology, shared statistics reflecting an increase of 40 to 50 more vasectomies per month prior to and during the "March Madness" celebration, which is a 50% expansion. In fact some doctors report men jockeying for these well-timed appointments.

Apparently some patients have even asked their doctors to talk to their wives about the surgery; what their limitations will be, exaggerate a bit about recovery time and that they'll need to be on the couch or in the recliner taking it easy.


The American Urological Association says they have no data linking "March Madness" to an increase in vasectomies. Perhaps they need to have a chat with all these soon-to-be "freshly snipped" guys in Ohio who'll be nursing their nether regions with bags of frozen peas!