Let's lift you up a little. Give you hope today.

Peace seems to be on everyone’s mind.

I often hear in conversations, "I just want some peace...." "I can't wait for some peace in my life."

We want a peaceful world, a peaceful home, and a peaceful workplace, a peaceful life. Heck, some at-home mothers of young children just want a minute of peace to use the bathroom alone. Who wouldn’t give everything they have for a few minutes of peace? Peace cannot be found in a treaty or negotiation. Peace is an inside job.

Peace is the condition of wholeness and the sense of well-being. Peace immediately takes up residence in our hearts. How's your heart? I am not talking cardiovascular.

Relationships must be committed to peace. It is difficult to wage war with someone who has laid down his or her weapons in an act of surrender. Surrender is the heartbeat of peace. The choice to surrender initiates the process of allowing peace to rule. The work of peace is always unleashed by our choice, our invitation. But, do you, do we, accept invitation of peace?

We've had many in our community lose someone in their family in last 12 months due to violence or sickness where there was no peace. Let's be grateful for who we have in our lives today and the peace in our heart.

This is for you, a prayer you and your family have hope and peace in 2013. Gratitude brothers and sisters!!!