Computer passwords are a part of our every day lives. Many of us are old enough to remember a time when you maybe had to memorize a gym locker combination and a PIN for your ATM card. Not anymore.

Now, many businesses want you to change your password every 90 days or so to ensure you're not hacked. You need them for e-mail, banking, work computers, certain websites. How do you remember them all, especially when they all encourage you to use different passwords for everything?

And then many sites openly mock you by telling you your choice is "weak". But if you think THAT'S mocking, you have to check out the Passive Aggressive Password Machine which gives you a little more brutal look at your password choice: like a lawyer or your former mother in law would!

I tried a few and got responses like: "Do You Even Know What A Password Is?", "Try Harder Bub" and "May god have mercy on your e-mail account"!

I think I'll just deal with 'weak'.