Here I am, it’s a Monday morning and I’m perusing all the news that is news in the world, searching for something to opine on and voila! Beyonce debuting a new hairstyle shows up, as news. Call me crazy, (not ‘Crazy in Love’-okay?), but I couldn’t care less about Beyonce’s new hairdo!

An earthquake in New Jersey, a kid being eaten by wild dogs at the Pittsburgh zoo, the difficult road to recovery in the northeastern United States, the presidential election- -these are things I’m interested in. These are actual news events.

The ‘striking ivory and burgundy tibi ensemble’ with ‘Giuseppe Zanotti high heels” that she apparently chose, over- -oh I don’t know, jeans & tennis- -to wear to a Nets game in addition to the aforementioned new ‘do’ don’t interest me in the least.

So, why you ask, am I writing about it? For the simple reason that I find it hard to believe in a world with real issues and problems, anyone would find an article on Beyonce’s new hairstyle even mildly interesting, let alone, newsworthy!

But once again, maybe it’s just me.