I was shocked this morning, when Ben told me; not only did he not watch the PGA Grand Slam of Champions, he didn’t even know about it!!!

It has been on the tube the last two days on TNT. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf is set up as a competition between the year’s Grand Slam winners. And Ben didn’t know about it!

This morning he said, “Oh it’s a promotional tourney, I don’t care about those.”  Sure.

Anyway what I was going to say is that I have actually found a great use for televised golf tournaments. Now, you know, I hate golf. I always have, ever since I was 12 and a golf bag fell on me and knocked me over. That being said, I discovered this week they can be enjoyable when trying to nap.

I got all cozy in my rocking chair yesterday and was watching “Bones”. I fully intended to take a nap, but it wasn’t sleep inducing enough. The episode ended and golf came on. I was about to change the channel, when the thought occurred to me: “Wait- a- minute! Soft music, whispering announcers- -this could put me to sleep!”

And indeed it did. I awakened once to see sunshine, green grass, nicely dressed young men, (that Bubba Watson is a cutie!) and then drifted back into peaceful slumber.

Yes, there is indeed something televised golf is good for; lulling me to sleep.