What is so wrong with having a veggie garden in your front yard? An Orlando, Florida couple is about to find out. They’ve been threatened with a $500 dollar per day fine by city officials because the garden violates some sort of city code and does not have what they consider a “finished appearance”.

Let’s juxtapose this situation with my neighbors to the north of me. This summer there were never less than three lawn chairs, a fire pit, dog tie-out stake with 20 feet of metal cable, (occasionally there was a dog tied to it), a kiddie pool, water toys, beer and pop cans, empty cigarette packs, (lots of cig butts too) and assorted other trash in the front, side and back yard of their house. Right now their disposed of Christmas tree is shedding needles in a former flower garden area.

This home used to be a privately owned and meticulously cared for residence. It is now a rental property with 2 twenty-somethings, their adorable child and an assortment of “interesting” friends.

What about my neighbors to the west of me, across the back fence? Remember the Bumpuses from “A Christmas Story”; with no less than a dozen unruly hounds, barking and running amok? To be truthful they only have four dogs, it just seems like more. In addition, their yard is also a repository for disintegrating lawn furniture, old kids toys, bikes, fire pits, and garbage. 'Sanford & Sons' got nothin' on them!

'Maybe it’s just me, but a nice veggie garden would be a major improvement!