Photo By (Image credit: Emily Zoldaz/The Grand Rapids Press/AP Photo)

I know there are people who don’t like bacon. Heck there are entire religions that ban its consumption. That is fine with me; it leaves plenty for the rest of us! My buddy Ben is very fond of the saying- -“everything’s better with bacon!” I would agree that many things are, but some things should remain bacon-less; like margaritas!

This year’s Chicago BaconFest once again introduced the bacon gorging public to a plethora of ponderous piggy prodigiousness! In other words a bounteous bonanza of bacon bombshells! But BaconFest is not the only place you will find bonkers bacon brownies, biscuits and baklava!

Witness the minor league West Michigan Whitecaps baseball team’s “Baco”. The bacon shell taco (pictured above), was the winner of the team’s fourth annual food contest and will be served at their ballpark this summer. Or how about Bacon Maple Bread Pudding, Bacon Cotton Candy, Bacon and Egg Ice Cream, Bacon & Beer S’mores?  The mind reels puzzling through the possibilities!

If your appetite for all things bacon has been whetted; perhaps you should be at the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz Fourth Annual BaconFest this Saturday from 1 to 4 pm at the Sioux Falls Colliseum, downtown. A ten dollar “pork passport” will allow you to “pork up”, “pig out” and “boar bust”!

Bon Apetit!