If you have ever been lucky enough to see one of your childhood idols up close, then you’ll understand how excited and honored I was to attend Bob Newhart’s stand-up comedy performance on Saturday night!

One of “my kids”, Alison Harkness, (in reality one of Jeff Harkness’s daughters), asked me to go with her. She could have asked any number of her friends, so why she wants to hang out with her “Auntie Patty” is beyond my scope of understanding! But I’m so glad she does.

We had a scrumptious dinner with her dad, Jeff and stepmom Vicky, and their friends Vonnie and Eddie Nour. Lively conversation and lots of laughter is always an excellent appetizer for a phenomenal show!

When Bob first came onstage, he appeared frail and vulnerable, but as he launched into the performance, any hint of feebleness vanished. The humor was strictly clean, occasionally very droll, but consistently, side-splittingly- - funny! I had tears rolling down my cheeks at times! Fantastic and astonishing are a couple of words that come to mind describing it. Definitely a memory I will treasure forever!