Christmas at the Cathedral  was just what I needed this weekend! I had never gone to a performance before and was given tickets to it. I invited my “other mother” Shirlee Richardson to go with me. Shirlee is a 79-year-young spitfire who was my neighbor for over fifteen years, until she recently moved and we still get together whenever we can.

The recently restored cathedral glistened like diamonds in an otherworldly way. We walked the entire interior and marveled at the recovered beauty of the “stations of the cross”, which are intricately carved reliefs of Jesus’ journey from conviction to crucifixion.

In fact every carving in the building from ceiling to floor has been brought back to a like- new appearance. The marble pillars gleamed in the glow of the cathedrals lighting. The stained glass windows bring all the colors of Christmas alive. And all this was before the performance even began!

I know there has been great debate over the cost of these renovations. But I will admit that when you are wrapped in the warmth and beauty of the place, you tend to, temporarily, lose track of the more sensible ways the millions could have been spent.

The performances of conductor Dan Goeller’s Cathedral Symphony, tenor Scott Piper and soprano Shelly Jennings were beyond beautiful, supremely moving and produced spine chills, thunderous applause and a few tears.

After the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday, this seemed to be the perfect salve for the soul- - mine and everyone there.