It is 7:43 on a Monday morning. Ben, Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp and our midday guy Brad Petersen are talking football. Oy! All I hear is the drone of Charlie Brown’s teacher…and I wonder; “Is this what men hear when women are talking- - shoes, kids, Hollywood gossip?”

Todd is all suntanned from his family’s trip to Mexico over the holidays. Ben is reeling from his Vikings’ loss to Green Bay on Saturday and he still has that nagging cough he had when I left for Denver. I worry about that guy sometimes.

As nice as it is to get away from your everyday life; it can be equally rewarding to return to beloved routines at work, (Ben making me laugh so hard tears run down my cheeks), and at home, (seeing four furry faces that love me no matter what). Yes Ben’s pretty furry too, but thank God he doesn’t live at my house!

Sleeping in your own comfy bed is completely underrated, even if the futon in your sister’s basement has been made more bearable with memory foam!

Getting big welcome home hugs from friends at work is never a negative, especially when they smell as good as my friend Jonny. I’m telling you if I were 5 years younger…I’d still be old enough to be his—older sister.

Yes, I loved vacation, but coming home is all kinds of wonderful too!