I’d like to tell you about a woman we’ve come to know and love. Her name is Coralea Mensinger. She has been a long-time listener and family member of the Ben and Patty Show.

Coralea is the kind of person who donates her beautiful hair to “Locks of Love” so cancer victims can have wigs made of real, soft human hair. (Yes this picture was a "before" picture). She’s the kind of person who would drive all the way across town to visit you at a movie theater live broadcast, just so her daughter could meet you. She’s a hugger, a lover, a hard worker, a survivor.

And she’s had to survive a lot. Most recently, a fire destroyed her home and now, a second breast cancer diagnosis. There is a fundraiser for her this Saturday. If you would like to help one of the nicest people we know, hear some great music, eat some good food and smile a lot, please attend.

To give you some insight into this wonderful lady, please read this beautiful post from her facebook page:

“I have been searching my spiritual side. - I haven't been the most gracious person, the most faithful friend, the most loving sister, the most understanding mom. So the other night, I knelt down, folded my hands and began to ask the Lord, Bless my family and friends as you have blessed me - give strength to the weak, guide those who are lost, and wrap your love around each of them. Shortly before drifting off to sleep I heard a voice, You are my child and I love you and have always been with you, now listen closely, take a moment everyday think of me and watch what happens. I felt a warm comfort come over me and then the voice said, I am watching over you too, Love Dad. As the tear rolled down my cheek, i smiled and realized for the first time I have never been alone during the journey, just afraid to walk it. May each of my friends and family be blessed each day and take a moment to think of him. I Love you too!!!!!”