I love “Duck Dynasty”! It is all my friend Roxanne Keupp’s fault, however, and I let her know this on a regular basis.

Roxanne has been one of my dearest friends for decades. She has a huge wonderful family that I have gotten to know and love over the years. I’m an auntie to her kids and a regular at many family gatherings. We been together at moments of great joy and great sorrow and Rox has a way of letting her faith lead her forward, no matter what.

She is an amazing cook and recently made me short rib lasagna, which took all day to make, just to see if she could make an authentic Italian meal that was up to my critical standards. It was exquisite! My Italian father, (if he were here), would still be talking about just how delectable it was.

So now you know; she’s a great friend, wife, mom, daughter, chef. Blah, blah, blah! But- -she is also an evil corrupter! She is the person who introduced me to “Duck Dynasty” one weekend during a “girl get-together”.

Rox will lay out a spread of cheese, meat, crackers, homemade appetizers of all kinds, sometimes pizza and of course the accompanying libations. We “talk smart”, laugh-a-lot, cry sometimes, (hey we’re girls, okay!), and once she held me captive and played the entire first season of “Duck Dynasty” on their DVR.

I was smitten. I could not look away. I still can’t understand why it appeals to me so much. Perhaps the proverbial “train wreck” explanation would apply. Their humor ranges from broad to extremely dry and although they are Southerners, with the requisite accent, they are not idiots. They are multimillionaires who made a killing selling handmade duck calls. They are refreshingly familial, short on pretense, and long on sarcasm. Mhm, I like that.

Thanks a lot Rox! I’m now enamored with some low budget reality show and I am ashamed of myself!