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As a single woman I can appreciate the ongoing search for your one and only, your soul mate, your “boo”, as it were. I’ll admit I tried eHarmony.com for a month, almost a decade ago. My results were less than satisfactory, so I quit that association and ended up in a disastrous relationship all on my own. So there!

I am however, having a bit of difficulty understanding the limitless number of dating websites which offer to match you up with someone who has the same dietary requirements or desires as you do.

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For instance glutenfreesingles.com went online last month and already has 3,000 members looking for what is termed, a ‘wheatless romance’.VeggieDate.org has been helping vegans and vegetarians looking for love since 1999.

Love chocolate? I sure do. Maybe my next move should be signing up at chocolateloverspassions.com. Or perhaps coffeepassions.com, I quite often crave a well-made cup of cappuccino! Possibly you’re a hot number who adores all things spicy, then hotsaucepassions.com could be where you find your caliente connection!

Sameplate.com is a dating site for foodies and dieters and... Oh I could go on, but I’ll stop now. I know I’m probably delusional for believing that it may still be possible to find an amorous association with a man, based on something other than a mutual love of Kung Pao Chicken- -but I could be wrong.