Five Bad Habits That Are Good For You

Hey I’m not making this stuff up! IVillage got this info from a bunch of smarty pants scientists who study these things extensively.

• Fidgeting & Squirming – burn off stress hormones during tense times & may increase metabolic rate by as much as 40%!
• Gossiping – spending 20 minutes chatting with a trusted friend about other people’s biz helps fight stress, tension and anxiety for up to 4 hours straight.
• Eating Doughnuts for Breakfast – A hearty filling breakfast which, yes, can include sweets, could help you lose 3 times the amount of weight that health food devotees do.
• Not Cleaning up after Dinner – Constant scouring of that kitchen with antibacterial sprays can actually increase your risk of catching a drug resistant bug!
• Procrastinating – - - I’ll tell you about it later!