I'm crazy about coffee, always have been. Probably the result of being served espresso with anisette liqueur at Cafe Trieste in San Francisco when I was five. But once the coffee is brewed, I'm all about throwing out coffee grounds--not everybody is. If you're a mean green, saving-the- planet machine you probably already know what else you can do with used coffee grounds. But if not, learn along with me. . .

  • Compost -when mixed with soil, they enrich the earth you plant in.( I wonder if this works with coffee plants?)
  • Shampoo- wash your hair with them for a softer, shinier result. (I wonder if this would be like trying to get sand out of your undies at the beach.)
  • Animal repellent - spread a mixture of coffee grounds & orange peel to keep critters out of your garden. (I wonder if this works on the squirrels digging up my plant pots?)
  • Scratch remover- can remove scratches with forceful scrubbing using coffee ground extract. (I wonder how you're supposed you make that?)
  • Shoe deodorizer-put used grounds in your shoes to remove odor. (I wonder if Dr. Scholl knows about this one?)