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Just this week I shared an article I had read, on-air, about the things we can learn from “annoyingly happy people”. There were a plethora of psychiatrists, psychologists and life coach-type people who put in their two cents on the subject.

For instance “let just okay be just perfect” or, “laugh at your spills” and the ever popular, “smile at mean people”! Give me a break!

Well, now here is a study I can appreciate—the University of New South Wales has a psychology professor who has been studying people’s emotions and finds that being grumpy is good! Grumpy people apparently think more clearly, are better at decision-making and are less gullible.

Professor Joe Forgas has discovered that happy people are indeed very creative, but miserable people are extremely attentive to detail and extraordinarily meticulous thinkers.

See- -being a grump isn’t all bad!