This week I had the privilege of being part of a conversation about the employment situation in Sioux Falls and the U.S. Some of the information culled from this exchange was not a surprise, and in fact, actually confirmed what I’ve suspected for some time about some job applicants.

This intelligent, hard-working young woman had a plethora of stories regarding what she encounters when meeting and interviewing people. She talked about the job market being particularly tight here in Sioux Falls. I believe the ratio mentioned was four jobs out there for every 1 person and over 25 call center operations here in town!

There are jobs for the asking, but are you doing what it takes to get one of them?  These are just a few of the situations that have come up and don’t worry the names have been changed to protect - - -only the guilty!

One guy, we’ll call him, ‘Zack’, decided to smoke pot while doing his phone interview. Another applicant decided to chat while on the toilet and flushed as the interview proceeded. ‘Jessie’, actually responded to some thoughtful job placement advice with a snottily delivered, “I already know that, God, I’m not stupid, you know!” (That's correct, feel free to hurl invectives at the person who holds your future aspirations in her hands.)

Clothing and personal accessories have also been the subject of jaw-dropping observations. Nothing says, ‘I really want this job’ or ‘I’m someone you want on your team in this business situation’, like;  ripped holey jeans belted around your knees, a lacy see through cami, with your cleavage and bra straps playing peek-a-boo, and of course all your super cool ‘tats’ and multitude of piercings on full display.

Understandably, some people are just there to get their required two job searches for unemployment, but, if you really want one of these well paying jobs, with paid training and benefits that quite often start the day you do; you may want to reconsider your behavior and wardrobe choices. This is common sense; right?  It’s just a thought.