I’m glad to know that I am not the only one losing my mind during the busy holiday season. I had a conversation with my sister Carolyn, (the one who lives in Montana- not wherever Ben thinks she lives) about my beloved Holly Nog and how no one in Sioux Falls is carrying it this year.

She was telling me how she went to her local Albertson’s and was looking for it also, but ended up buying another brand of low fat eggnog, because all the bottles of Holly Nog were close to or beyond their expiration dates.

I responded that it seemed kind of odd the store would just leave all of them in the dairy case. She said, “I know, so when I was checking out and the clerk asked me if I found everything, I said no, because all of the Holly Nog was close to or past its ‘use by’ date!”

She continued, “So they brought over the store manager and I explained the situation to him and he said they’d take care of it right away.”  I said, “Good for you.”  Then, she said indignantly, “I could not believe all that stuff was dated December, 16th, I mean it expired even before Thanksgiving!”

It was at this point, that I began to laugh like a hyena while reminding her that it was still November, not December and there were many days to go until December 16th!

I could feel her blush through the phone. “Oh my God, they all know me at that store; they’re going to think I’m insane!” I could hardly breathe; I was laughing so hard, I could not respond to disagree with her.