Have you ever heard of the 'Better than Sex' cake? It's a tasty concoction of chocolate cake, candy bars, toffee bits, chocolate chips, condensed milk, chocolate and caramel syrups, cool whip and the variations are many. It's pretty good. But it is not, as it advertises itself, 'better than sex'!

But is Facebook? According to a recent smartphone-based survey, it might not be better than sex, but perhaps; just very hard to resist, constantly available, and less expensive for the mostly college-aged people who responded to the question.

Convenience also seemed to be an issue. You can check your facebook, email, and twitter accounts just about anywhere. You can't simply have sex anytime, or anywhere. Well, most of us can't, unless you're very talented or bendy!

I say; put down the smartphone, quit poking people on facebook and get busy snogging out there! Think about the survival of the human species for crying out loud! Humanity at large is counting on you!