My sister and her family in Denver are currently struggling with this sad issue. My friend and partner Ben Davis and his wife Linda recently lost their 6 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Bogey, to cancer. When my German shepherd, Baci, (the most beloved dog in my life thus far), died--I thought I would too.

We've always been a family with pets. Many pets. Always German Shepherds (9 so far) and multiple cats in the mix. Sometimes, parakeets, turtles, and once,  for about  six years- -a pet sparrow named Waldo Emerson Pepper, that we raised from a tiny chick to become a feisty flier. He loved to ride on your shoulders under your hair. He'd occasionally chew on your earlobes and then take a nap, all warm and cozy in the nape of your neck. I adored him and the cats wanted to 'adore' him, but never got the chance. He, thankfully, had super speed!

Needless to say we've lost many pets, to illness and to old age. It never gets any easier and it is always a second guessing game once you make the decision. I came across this article and although it doesn't provide simple answers, it does give food for thought.

Check it out here: