I was really hungry yesterday. I got up late, barely had a cup of coffee and had no time for breakfast. By one in the afternoon, I was starvin’! My bathroom scale won’t agree; but what does it know anyway?

I drove up Western Avenue thinking, “Turkey sandwich? Is that bread moldy yet? Salad? How old is that bleu cheese dressing anyway? Got to walk the puppies first, then it will be 2 o’clock! I’m hungry, feed me Seymour! Cheese stick? Triscuits? Kit Kat? Nah.”

The trek up Western continued. “Maybe I’ll just grab something and nosh it on the way home. But, what?  What haven’t I had lately? What is on Minnesota? Something sandwichy, but vegetably, too. What’s on the corner at 18th & Minnesota now? Pitas, right?"

Pita Panache, Pita Pocket, Pita People, Pita Pies, Our Lady of Perpetual Pitas? Pita Pockets? At least that guess made sense. Now I’m turning on 18th and thinking that a pita sounds good. I arrived at what turned out to be The Pita Pit. (Really?) I pull up to the drive-thru speaker/ menu board and the terror sets in. There are three thousand items on there! (Not really). What do I choose and what am I getting, after I do?

The voice from the speaker is very young and says, “Welcome to Pita Pit, order whenever you’re ready!” I’m thinking, “What if that doesn’t happen until the Mayan calendar runs out??” Then I see it, a Dagwood something-or-other. Okay, that’s it. I order that. The young voice now asks, “And what toppings would you like on that?”

Toppings? Oh my God no! Toppings? I hesitate, “Uh--what normally goes on one?" She listed the usual toppings, which were numerous and I agreed. The deed was done. I drove up to the window, was handed something the size of a torpedo, paid and left.

I unwrapped this monstrosity and took a bite. De-Lish!! It was sandwichy, vegetably, savory and in all likelihood, the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in a month. It was so filling that supper was Triscuits with cheese. I did it! I stepped out of my comfort zone and was rewarded richly for it. If only I could apply this attitude to something a little more important.