Why is it when two men have a conversation about an issue a woman has already addressed with them, it has much more gravitas?

I’ve given Ben all kinds of advice on his new puppy, Percy, from training with Lydia at Petsmart, to potty training and treats, to--well, you name it. He always gives me a perfunctory, “Gee that sounds good” or “That is a good idea!” with a quick smile and an immediate dismissal.

It’s okay. I’m used to it! After all what do I know? I have two of the naughtiest German Shepherds on the planet, that is a given! But, I do read, I have done the training, the research and I know the correct way to do things, and the best treats and toys for just about any dog. I am not a clueless nimrod!

I simply have not been extremely effective at implementing that information at my house! So feel free to ignore me.

But the minute one of our male co-workers, (thanks Earl),  fires up a conversation about puppies, all bets are off. Suddenly all of my suggestions on training and treats, become valid, because another male is espousing them!!!

That’s it! I give up!