Dave and Susan (a few years ago)

I’m not sure why this thought occurred to me today, but, my parents have been gone for over a decade now. There is still not a day which passes without my thoughts straying to them. I am very lucky that my friends whose parents are living don’t mind sharing them with me.

Ben has shared his extraordinary mom and dad with me for so long that I think of them as family. Our time together is quite often spent laughing until face and body ache from the exertion! Susan and Dave’s lives haven’t always been easy, but intelligence, faith, hard work and especially humor; have carried them through.

They raised a lovely, compassionate daughter and three rabble-rousing sons in the same home and they all survived! They were poor, proud and extremely hard-working- -so life is a bit easier now. Occasionally their family still travels together as they will to the Florida Keys this upcoming January. I envy big families and Benji is blessed with one as unique as they come!

Hal and Kathy Harkness

I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon with Hal and Kathy Harkness. They are the parents of my friend Jeff Harkness who works down the hall on another of our radio stations. They are two of the sweetest, smartest, funniest and most well-traveled humans it has ever been my pleasure to share space with!

Kathy is the calm, soft-spoken member of this duo; Hal is the boisterous, knock-about klutz with a lively sense of humor that often borders on naughtiness. They are both remarkably fit and always up for a new experience. I could never travel with these two, because I wouldn't be able to keep up with them!

But travel with them I do, through the stories they share in conversations we’ve had over the years. Their latest adventure is taking them to China for a river cruise, after a week in Germany! I wish I had asked them where they haven’t been and where they would still like to go. That way I can peruse travel brochures and be prepared for our next chat, whenever it occurs.

Thank you to Susan, Dave, Kathy and Hal for reminding me how much I loved my own parents and them!