That’s right, after years of denials, subterfuge, and outright lies, it is about time I come clean. Yes, I am a cover girl.

No I have not walked the runways in Paris, been in Antigua for a Sports Illustrated cover shoot or have my own cosmetic or fragrance line, but I am on the cover of a wonderful magazine. Sioux Falls Woman is a beautiful publication with timely, informative, entertaining articles and they always feature several Sioux Falls women.

Jared Holsing and his intrepid crew at Sioux Falls Woman magazine approached me before Christmas about the possibility of including me in their February/March issue. I was extremely honored by the request, and worried too. Why in the world would anyone be interested enough in my story to pick up the magazine and read it? And like many other people who are not fans of having their pictures taken and seeing them, I also thought, “Geez this could scare people away in droves! Children will be screaming for their mothers! The photographer might sue me for damaging her camera!”

My fears began to subside the moment I met Magaret Pennock, the extraordinary woman who wrote the article about me. We connected over our mutual love of animals, (dogs and horses in particular); share a similar sense of humor and curiosity about the world as a whole. One of the best parts of this experience was getting to spend time with her.

And then there is Susan. Susan DeWitte has traveled the world turning photos of people and places into high art, but she is as down-to-earth as they come. She is smart, funny, hardworking and full of grace. Susan is a gorgeous person, with a low, throaty laugh; who should be gracing magazine covers herself. She has a keen eye, along with an amazing ability to make anything and anyone look good. Believe me!

I will always treasure this experience and the transcendent conversations I had with Jared, Magaret and Susan. I also want to thank everyone for their lovely comments about the magazine and to tell you how grateful and proud I am to be a Sioux Falls woman!