A world without Twinkies! Say it isn’t so! I have recently fallen in love with the chocolate filled version. Not that I eat them daily, weekly or even monthly, but just knowing they exist, comforts me.

The company that produces them has been in a labor dispute with their baker’s union and had warned that there needed to be some sort of agreement reached—“or else!” The ‘or else’ being the company would shut down, 18,000 people would be unemployed and the company would face liquidation.

The decision, according to news stories out this morning, has been made. The company is closing down.

Now, does this mean the end of Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding Dongs and a host of other Hostess, deep-fried, calorie laden, artery clogging, mouth-watering concoctions?

Not necessarily. So keep your fingers crossed and your HoHo hopes high!