Gretchen Rubin is the author of a New York Times bestseller titled 'The Happiness Project." She talks to people all the time about what brings happiness into their lives and she says that one thing comes up more than any other. Believe it or not, it is making the bed everyday.

She says it may not be the most significant thing to increase your happiness, but for a lot of people "outer order usually contributes to inner calm". Making your bed is a quick and easy way to bring a small sense of order to your life. This brings several things to mind- - Wow, do I need to clean my desk off! And- - of course I make the bed everyday. If I didn't I'd be covered with dog hair every night!

Dogs, dust and disarray have been both my sworn enemy and constant companion for most of my life. Sometimes I charge into battle, but quite often I sweep the room with a glance and call it 'housecleaning'!