I met an extraordinary child today. Her name is Quinn Ter Horst. She would have been a year old today. She only lived for 4 and ½ months, but her impact continues to be immeasurable, because of two other remarkable people; her parents.

Tim and Alison Ter Horst, of Sioux Falls gave their angel back to heaven due to the unexplainable tragedy of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Alison and Tim started a blog as a way to cope with their pain and loss, to help others with theirs and, as a means to celebrate Quinn’s life. When they were looking forward to what would have been Quinn’s 1 year birthday, their inclination was to shut out the world and muddle their way through the day together; blinded by sorrow and railing against the injustice of it all. Many of us regular humans would have done just that. We would have understood. No one would have admonished them.

But these two aren’t regular people; remember? Instead they chose to institute “Celebrate Quinncidence” Day on March 12th. Alison and Tim are requesting that everyone perform a random act of kindness for someone else on this day in commemoration of their eternally beautiful pixie.

Our friend Heather was inspired by Alison’s blog and with tears in her eyes delivered sodas and much needed hugs, to Ben and me. And you can bet that when we are out and about today, we will do our part to honor this splendid, tiny, gorgeous gift of God-- Quinn.

Happy Birthday little one! I hear the cupcakes in heaven are splendid!

You can read Alison's blog at: ohmydearone.blogspot.com