It is a huge sign. Huge! It sits at the entrance of West Avenue at 18th Street and has been there for over a week. It is there because West is closed at 20th Street for some kind of project involving backhoes and pipes and guys in orange vests.

The sign says: 'Road Closed to Thru Traffic'. Apparently a huge portion of the populace in Sioux Falls must think it doesn't apply to them, or that the street department is lying to them, or they are blind and still driving to the detriment of us all!

All last week, through the weekend and into this week, hundreds of people in their vehicles have ventured up West Avenue from 18th Street only to find out that the sign indeed applied to them! Hundreds of people in their vehicles have turned around in my driveway and the driveways of my neighbors on either side. We are all equally fascinated by this.

What could account for this weird and tiresome behavior? Please! Someone explain it to me before I lob a green tomato at the next person that stops and turns their vehicle around in my driveway with a stupefied 'golly I guess it is closed' look on their face!