When you're in the middle of your morning routine, it takes something out-of-the-ordinary to disrupt your hypnotic train-of-thought.This morning, for me, it was a sneezing jag that started while I was brushing my teeth.

This may not sound extraordinary to you, but in my life so far, this has never happened! And it caused me to stop for a moment and ponder it. I started up the old spinbrush again and after a few seconds, it happened again.

Again, I turn off the whirling toothbrush and pause. I look in the mirror at my toothpasty face and think, "geez, that's weird, that's never happened before!" And just as I think that, it happens- -again!

This time I put the toothbrush down, wipe my face and blow my nose and wait, thinking it might happen one more time. Nothing. Hmm? I finish brushing and fall back into the preparation trance that has been a part of my life for over 20 years.

Having the Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Patrol interrupt me this morning, would have been preferable to sneezing uncontrollably while brushing my teeth, but then I am easily amused.