Sioux Falls is a beautiful city and I love it!

I am never more aware of how beautiful, than in the fall. The vibrant colors of the changing leaves, combined with bright blue skies, the appearance of pumpkins and corn stalks, the return of sweaters and sweatshirts, football and tailgating, the aroma of fire pits wafting through the neighborhoods, the huge harvest moon, all herald the excitement of this seasonal evolution.

There was a time in my life when I simply could not see myself staying in this city, let alone this state. As someone born elsewhere, with parents who traveled prolifically and insisted we almost always accompany them, I’d picture myself anywhere but here.

Perhaps Montana, (where I was born), living in the mountains, beside a favorite lake would be the chosen spot. Maybe San Francisco, I’d think, with warm days, cool nights and tons of fresh seafood, not to mention ponderous amounts of Italian festivities and cuisine. It is one of my favorite cities in the world!

Hold on! What about Seattle? Another of my treasured spots, with numerous gray days to suit my moody personality, seafood and culture up the wazoo, only a couple of hours from my favorite northwest coast beach town, this seemed like a good choice too.

New York City has great food, bountiful theatre, writing, art, and a whole lot of Italian relatives. Okay that will stay on the ‘visit’ list. Los Angeles? Well, if I ever decide to give that acting career another shot, I suppose it would get some consideration.

All this was whirling through my head as I was working my way back home after a live broadcast on Saturday. It is not the first time this notion has occurred to me.

I felt the same way when Ben and I took a hot air balloon ride. The time we took a helicopter ‘Twilight Tour’ over the city at Christmas was mesmerizing! So many experiences in this place have made me love it. Not the least of which is the warmth of the humans who inhabit this small city and the love of friends whom have become family.