I have always been fascinated by crime noir and unsolved mysteries. I think it all started the first time my mom regaled me with the story of “The Black Dahlia” and her gruesome unsolved murder.

Central Los Angeles, January 1947; a housewife walking with her child, discovers the mutilated remains of Elizabeth Short in a vacant lot. The blue-eyed, raven haired, porcelain skinned, wanna-be actress and unemployed waitress was gorgeous, even by today’s standard’s. Her story had all the elements which made it front page news across the nation back then; sex, beauty, and violence.

To this day, her murder has never been solved, but a recent cadaver dog investigation has brought it back into focus and it still fascinates me. Human nature is something none of us can pretend to understand and yet we still ponder it. Why would someone do that to another living being? How could they?  Is it mental illness, or something bigger, more frightening; evil incarnate? What is it about humans that make us want to know all the answers?

Wish I knew.