If this isn’t the ultimate in idiocy, I’m not sure what is. A real-estate developer in Philadelphia, Ori Feibush, owns a coffee shop with a city-owned vacant lot behind it.

Last month, he spent $20,000 of his own money removing 40 tons of weeds and debris from the lot. He also planted a small garden.

This is where it gets weird. The Philly Housing Authority, who owns the lot, wants him to put the trash and weeds back!

The communications director for the Housing and Community Development office sent Mr. Feibush a nasty email, in essence, saying that he had trespassed on and defaced city property.

He was also accused of causing taxpayer liability problems, and has been threatened with legal action if he doesn’t immediately return the vacant lot to it’s garbage and weed-strewn condition.

So much for city beautification! As they say, (whoever they are), ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.