Here is something that caught my attention today. New research by a German scientist indicates that you can see “evil” in the brain scans of criminals. He has found what he refers to as a “dark mass” in the lower forehead area of brain scans of some murderers and rapists. He even surmises that it is this area of the brain where evil forms. Where evil forms!!

I know this sounds kind of science fiction-y, (ala Tom Cruise's "Minority Report") but if this research were somehow found to be proof-positive of future criminal behavior, wouldn’t it behoove society to mandate brain scans for all of us?

Or are we again venturing into “Big Brother” territory; with government interference and so forth? As for me, I’d have the brain scan. I’d want to know. I’d want to know about myself, my kids, my neighbors, their kids, the entire country. . .yes - - I’d want to know!