Baby with pacifier

Moms and Dads, lick those pacifiers! I along with many others are turning up our noses and uttering the phrase—“yuck”, at the very thought! But after years of - ‘do this, don’t do that’- advice to parents about feeding kids from their own utensils or cleaning your baby’s dropped binky by sucking on it and putting it back in their mouth; new scientific evidence is giving “binky lickers” some support.

“A study from Sweden's University of Gothenburg, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, found infants whose parents sucked on dirty pacifiers had fewer allergies than parents who only rinsed or boiled the binky, plus less chance of developing eczema or showing symptoms of allergies. The children of pacifier-suckers also had less of a certain white blood cell that is tied to allergies and other health issues.”--- Yahoo News

Granted there were only 184 kids involved in the study, but parents who have been implementing this stomach-churning sanitation method for years, finally have a reason, (a weird one), to rejoice!