It’s a good thing I don’t talk for a living!! Oh - -uh, wait a minute. . .

I’ve been in the business of radio for - - a while now and yet I still have days where spitting out one coherent phrase is impossible. This is one of those days.

Thank goodness I’m a better typist than talker, at least today. I’m sure whatever job, profession or career someone pursues, you’re likely to go through the same thing, occasionally. For those of us in this field it is fairly difficult to hide when we screw up.

It is even more maddening when you have a specific goal or chore you need to accomplish and your tongue, teeth and brain seem to be malfunctioning all at once.

It is no secret to anyone who listens to radio or watches TV; that the way money is made involves the buying and producing of commercials to air on the stations. Today has been a day which transported me back to my first few months in radio. An extremely humbling experience I assure you. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t think and really couldn’t seem to remember how some of the equipment functioned.

Oy! I realize these kinds of experiences make me a better person in the long run, but I don't have to like it. It’s a good thing this day is over. I’m feeling optimistic about Monday. I think.