Facebook photo of Patty's messy desk courtesy of Ben Davis

I came across an article at ivillage.com about the possibility of undiagnosed ADHD in adults and immediately thought about my friend Ben. At first blush he seems like a perfect candidate. He’s easily distracted and always has a million things going on in his murky noggin.

So I shared the list of signs with him, but as we worked our way down the list of indicators, we both started to wonder about- -me!

Signs of Adult ADHD

  • Poor organizational skills- Papers strewn all over, messy desk, messy house, loses things. ( OMG! I can’t find my 2014 car registration notice to save my soul!)
  • Relationship woes- Nope, haven’t really had a successful one in years.
  • Accidents- Yes I fall down a lot and have had several car accidents in my life, but to my credit, all but one, were not my fault.
  • Rudeness- I try not to be, but there are times when I honestly cannot control my temper!
  • Family history- When I think about my mom’s desk at home and her office at work, the fact that she also had numerous falls and let’s not even talk about my parent’s bumpy relationship. . .

Uh-oh! Apparently I’m the one with undiagnosed ADHD, not Ben. He is just weird and there is no cure for that.