Flickr photo of packed suitcase

Who doesn’t love a vacation? I just wish I was better at getting organized for one. Right now I’m doing laundry, when I should be cleaning the basement, or mowing, or buying dog food, or something else extremely important to accomplish before we hit the long road, like- oh I don’t know- -packing!

I love a trip to a destination, be it known or unknown, and all the accompanying hubbub, but again- if only I were Martha Stewart or Heloise, (she of the “Helpful Hints”), I’d have all of this under control. The basement would always be clean, the laundry would always be done, and the lawn would be neat as a pin with no offending dandelions poking out their furry yellow tongues to say, “nyah, nyah, you missed me”!

I blame heredity. My beloved mom, Veronica was a complete disorganized mess until the day she assumed room temperature! Preparation for any big event, vacation, Christmas, birthday, graduation; turned her into the Tasmanian Devil of last minute accomplishment.

She worked overnights for a huge portion of her 50-plus year career as a Registered Nurse. Which as anyone who has ever worked that shift can tell you turns your days and nights upside down. Your constantly interrupted sleep cycles essentially turn you into one of the walking dead and housekeeping is the absolute, last thing on your list of important things to do.

So usually she would be up for two days straight before one of these events trying to lasso a month’s worth of disarray into the corral of order. Quite often she came very close to achieving the impossible. What couldn’t be put to order was tossed in boxes and thrown in the basement or her closet for sorting out later. As if that  ever happened!

So as you can see, I come by my messy proclivity quite naturally. You know that saying, “A messy desk is the sign of an unquiet mind”? You should see my desk, my brain is practically screaming!