I am so blessed to have the job I have and work with the people I do. That being said, some of the strangest conversations occur here at work, in-between the working!

Just this afternoon Ben and I got involved in a discussion about owning wild animals with our friend Jonny V from one of our sister stations. Jonny would very much like to own a bobcat or a lynx and set about checking for prices on the web.

Never mind that he lives in an apartment with barely any furniture, (except his video gaming equipment and fish tank) and that pets, (ones without fins), aren’t allowed.  Once this dialogue began, there was no end to the research he did on every sort of savage beastie that one could purchase.

He looked up wild cats, dingoes, wolves, blue tongued skinks, wallabies, camels, and was asking for more suggestions! When reality settled back in and the exploration ended. He went back to work putting together his afternoon show. But not before he showed me the cutest English bulldog video ever! And of course, screaming sheep.

Sometimes I worry about my friend Jonny. Yes, I do.