I am the first person to question my own sanity when it comes to my devotion to my pet “children”. This was recently revisited when my German Shepherd Bella was found to have a very painful, cruciate ligament tear in her left hind leg.

It reduced her to a 3-legged dog in constant agony and I just couldn’t stand it any longer! I scheduled surgery for her and kissed my dream of getting a new vehicle goodbye. I know this sounds insane, but, I do have my reasons.

I did spend a sizable amount of money when I got Bella. Even though she is the naughtiest canine it has been my pleasure to know, (with the exception of our killer dog Nero- I didn’t claim ownership of him, since he was a family dog then and occasionally tried to take me out), I truly adore her. She is whip-smart and extremely protective--of her food & toys. Just kidding, Bella! (That's right she reads too!)

My current mode of transportation, a 1996 Geo Prizm, still gets over 30 miles per gallon, (highway) and has never needed any major work until this year. Thank God for Ron Steenholdt and Dave Heald, between them and their businesses, (Ron’s Garage & Village Auto); they have kept me safely on the road in good times and bad. Yes, it has become a rust bucket, but it is paid for and it runs.

I’ll try to start saving up some cash after Christmas with which to purchase another vehicle. It’ll happen sooner or later, barring any other injuries or illness of my four furry kids!  Happy Holidays to all of us pet lovers!